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Local Government services fail to answer phones

OK I usually do not write about this kind of stuff, however this is becoming so annoying I had to write about it.

With out getting to personal My family relies on services offered by our government, they are assistance programs (not everyone is without need of such services). Recently we were awaiting the disbursement of some benefits that are associated with it, They never showed up.

Now the governmental department refuses to answer their phone, literally ever single # I have for them goes straight to voice mail or rings until there system drops the call. When I have actually gotten ahold of them in the past they claim they never received a call from me or my wife! I am not sure what they are talking about I leave at least 5 messages a week it seems.

At any rate it appears the government is not as willing to help those in need as they claim to be. If your in a position where you do not need assistance from the government then consider yourself lucky as I am now even more convinced that things need to change.

To this day I am still trying to actually get a real person on the phone and it is going on a week now that I have been trying.