Computer issues resolved

Well alot of you might remember a post a while back about my computer issues, I have recently figured out what the issue was ! Let me recap the problem just for those not familar with it. I began having issues with my computer the video would frequently drop out and I would need to turn off and on the monitor to get the image back Well i immediately thought the monitor was bad so i got on the horn to Samsung. They ensured me that “Their monitor could not possibly be the cause of the issue” like a fool I bought it.

I then looked to the two low end cheap graphics cards i bought I called several tech support people was was assured that was not it. I asked a few friends and the Motherboard was point to as a possible but unlikely cause for the issue seeing as the cards were both solely bus powered. So a RMAing the board will go. The board was RMAed and still nothing!!! The issue was still there I then started RMAing the Graphics cards and with one on its ways to Powercolor to get swapped. I then decided to see if Samsung was accrate in their claim that their monitor could not be the cause.

Well they were wrong, the issue existed when i tried the monitor on a different computer. Was I annoyed? YES! I had decided before this I was going to upgrade the Graphics cards to more solid and powerful cards which i did. Now a replacement monitor is on the way. I decided to get this monitor

ASUS 27" LCD Monitor

ASUS 27" LCD Monitor

Some people may ask me what did I learn from this experience? I learned that Vendors will Lie like dogs to prevent their hardware being replaced


  1. Adam Williamson

    Good lesson.

    Here’s some others:

    #1 do the easiest test first. This usually means software before hardware; first thing, try a new OS or graphics driver. If it has the same problem, it’s probably a hardware issue.

    Then the easiest hardware test – try a different output on the graphics card, if you have an appropriate device/cable. Then try a different monitor. Then a different graphics card, if you have one lying around. All of these things are relatively easy to do – certainly easier than swapping motherboards or RMAing things.

    1. Andrew Jamison (Post author)

      Adam – I did all of that before sending anything back tried 3 different Linux distrobutions and 2 different windows versions. Swapped cards, tried every output that would work for my monitor. Just did not list every single minute troubleshooting step i did in the post as figured most people would not want to read a page of what i did to determine the issue so i listed the most radiacal steps i took.

      But yes i did do all those things. It worked out however just wish i had not listened to Samsung and went with my gut instinct which told me the monitor was the cause oh well i will know next time


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